The Heart of Healing   Family Constellation -
Evening Workshop

Health and Inner Peace through a family systems oriented approach.

With:          Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt (M.D, Ph.D)

Date:          Thursday 21st January 2010  

Time:          7.00pm to 10.30pm

Location:    The Community Centre, Hartfield Road, Forest Row,
                    East Sussex, RH18 5DZ.

Cost:           £10  

Contact:      Sarah Charlton – Tel: 01342 824906


Explore your physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual issues in a safe and nurturing environment; using brief lectures, small group discussions and Bert Hellinger’s Family Constellation approach.

For the last 12 years, Dr. Klinghardt has studied the work of German healer, psychotherapist, poet and author, Bert Hellinger. Today, Dr. Klinghardt has lectured and taught workshops with Bert and has become one if the main American representatives of this deep healing work. Each constellation begins with a thorough investigation of one’s own family history.  We search for those in the family that died early and were forgotten, husbands and wives that were betrayed, cheated on or separated from their children and loved ones, those whose love was not seen, those who were disabled, ill or addicted, and those who were ridiculed or marginalized. We also look into family members that may have been perpetrators, murderers or victims, those who were shamed, abused or abandoned.

In a constellation the participant selects from the audience representatives for her/himself and those family members in question. Soon the participants start to think, feel and behave as if they were the very people in which they are representing. The therapist’s job is to support those representing the forgotten ones, the victims and those pushed out of their families. The dialogues that emerge are often deeply revealing, healing and empowering. The net outcome is an increased flow of love and compassion between the real family members. Physical illness that has not responded to any other healing modality often changes its course for the better.

Everyone learns with and from each other during these sessions. Dr. Klinghardt will provide the highest level of safety, privacy, gentleness and nurturing possible.  

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