Presented by Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt M.D., Ph.D.

Friday 27th to Sunday 29th November 2009. Peredur Centre, East Grinstead, UK

In the ART II workshop you will learn how to implement muscle testing into your daily practice. You can use the system to detect chronic bacterial, viral, fungal and mycoplasma infections and identify the underlying causes of many chronic illnesses. You may also use the system to determine the most effective acupuncture points or homeopathic remedy. ART also allows you to investigate the effects of electromagnetic radiation, vaccines, household chemicals, dental materials and more. You will also learn treatment protocols for ME, chronic fatigue, MS, FMS and other chronic diseases. The indirect testing method is ideally suited to test autistic kids or adults with severe neurological disease. ART allows you to select the most appropriate and best-tolerated medication in every possible situation. One of the most surprising and effective tools is the ART based allergy desensitization method, using the most effective serial dilution technique.

ART-I introduced ways of diagnosing and treating the extra-cellular
matrix: the ground system.
ART II applies to the intracellular environment.

Topics covered include:
•  Review of ART I technique and protocols

Finding the most effective and best tolerated antidote, including the serial dilution end-point method

ART for autistic children: the indirect testing method for both parents and practitioners

•  Disturbances of drug uptake in the target tissue and drug enhancement techniques (DUET)
•  ART allergy desensitisation technique

ART in dentistry (eg localisation and identification of periodontal/jaw infections, determining the proper vertical height, width of the bite, rotation of the teeth and occlusal surfaces)

•  ART and nutritional medicine

•  DR (Direct Resonance) and the determination of the most effective and best-tolerated medication for all applications

•  (DR) and the localisation of toxic metal deposits, xenobiotics and neurotoxins.
•  DR and retrieval of hidden information from x-rays, mammograms, CAT scans, MRIs, and ultrasound images
•  DR and cancer: possibilities, approaches, and treatment protocols
•  Unresolved conflicts (APN)
•  Using high resolution photographic slides for testing
•  Treatment protocols for cardiovascular disease, psychiatric illnesses, chronic pain, TMD, MS, ALS,
   Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, CFIDS, FMS, chronic viral infections, stealth viruses, nanobacteria, Borrelia, Babesia and others
•  “Objective” Testing:  Hair analysis, ELISA, Western Blot, PCR, and other lab-tests for chronic infections, Heavy metals, hormones, neurotoxins, and parasites

•  Practice, practice, practice – and demonstrations

Venue:      Peredur, West Hoathly Road, East Grinstead, RH19 5.
Time:         Start 1pm Friday  — Finish 2pm Sunday.

Course Fee :    £350.00 (inclusive of  VAT,  morning/afternoon refreshments and an organic vegetarian lunch)

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