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We have a new name, a new vision and a new Director.

Please join me in welcoming Debbie Floyd, the new Director of the Klinghardt Academy.


We are busy organizing the new Klinghardt Academy and writing exciting new material to share with you.  We appreciate your patience during our restructuring.



Announcing our first of a series of seminars:

Autonomic Response Testing III

Friday February 11 - Sunday February 13, 2011

Taught by Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PH.D.

Guest Speaker:  Michael Gurevich. Md. C. AC.


ART I & II  "Refresher" Workshop

Thursday February 10, 2011


Taught by Dr. Sharon Rasa & Dr. Marc Schwartz

This is an additional pre ART III workshop


Seminar Date:  February 10-13, 2011

Location:   Holiday Inn Midtown
440 W. 57th ST,
New York, NY  10019
(800) 231-0405


Registration Fees:

 Discounted Pricing if registered for the complete package by Dec. 1, 2010


Registration Options and Pricing:

Payment Before Dec. 1, 2010

Price after Dec. 1, 2010

Complete 4 day package:   ART III, and ART I and II Refresher



ART III Only (3 day - Friday Feb. 11 - Sunday Feb. 13)



ART I & II  Refresher Workshop (1 day only - Thursday Feb 10th)



ART III Videotape Pre-order (see course description for content)





Attendance is limited for the ART III advanced seminar and registration will be taken on a first response basis. This will be the only ART Seminar taught this year by Dr. Klinghardt.


Registration Options:


By phone - call Debbie at (908) 899-1650
By fax - fax completed Registration form to (908) 542-0961
We can process Visa, MasterCard, Discover and JCB Card.

By Mail - Send a check payable to "Discovery Health Solutions" to:
Debbie Floyd
2 Orchard Way
Warren, NJ  07059

Click here for fax registration form

A limited block of rooms at a discounted rate of $169.00 + tax has been reserved at the Holiday Inn Midtown, W.57th St. NYC.  To reserve a room, call the hotel at (800)231-0405 and use group code "Klinghardt Academy XKL".

Course Description and Schedule:


Using the science and the magic of autonomic response testing (ART)               

ART is an extension of the hands-on physical exam utilizing reflexes in the autonomic nervous system. ART is used in conjunction with a good physical exam, lab work and imaging studies. It gives the practitioner an additional superb tool to help plan interventions, establish treatment protocols, and make better choices and decisions for the health and recovery of our chronically ill patients

ART I and II are the hands-on workshops in which the principles and the skill of ART are taught: open and blocked regulation, switching, the 7 factors, the 5 levels of healing, the work with the signal enhancer and the polarization filter. ART III is the workshop where the system is put into practice, addressing most relevant acute and chronic illnesses of our time: CFIDS, fibromyalgia, Lyme disease, autism, acute infections, trauma, PTSD, orthopedic problems, EMF sensitivity, sleeping disorders, MS, ALS, PD, AD and more.

Thursday: 2/10/11    Pre-Seminar catch-up workshop 9am -6pm

(Dr. Sharon Rasa & Dr. Marc Schwartz): the principles and practice of ART. This workshop is for the practitioners who have either taken ART I (or ART I and II) and wish  to hone down their knowledge and skills - or those of you who come from another school of energetic testing, have reviewed the videos of ART I and II and feel ready to jump in at this higher level. Hands on practice sessions.  Bring your questions and come prepared with your test kits and clinical tools for hands on practice. We will have extra ART clinical products on hand for purchase.

Day 1 Friday:  9-1 pm

Getting ready for ART III (Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PHD)

In this morning workshop Dr Klinghardt will summarize and demonstrate the most important skills (and bits of knowledge) needed to enter ART III in a meaningful way: Mental Field Techniques, Psycho kinesiology, the testing in the field for intracellular and mitochondrial issues, using the opening angle to find hidden blockages, testing for dental issues: cavitations and infections, metal and plastic toxicity, bite problems and the relationship to venous outflow from the brain.

Friday:   2:30 - 7pm

The hidden causes and ART tests for most neurological illnesses i.e. autism, PD, MS, ALS, CFIDS, Lyme, XMRV, HSV 1/2, EBV, etc.

In this section we will discuss the role of extra- and intracellular parasites, viruses, bacteria, microbes in the triggering of chronic illness. We will also discuss the role of metals, environmental toxins and internally self-generated toxins in the perpetuation of the ill state. Each issue will be translated into simple and easy-to follow steps of ART testing.

Day 2:  Saturday 9 - 1pm

A look beyond the cul-de sac of treating only with vitamins, anti-oxidants and/or pharmaceuticals. Introduction to the new thinking: most neurological illnesses are vascular illnesses, with microbes causing endothelial changes and pathology which ultimately causes the illness through changes in the fluid dynamics and the destructive results of that. The role of neck trauma, fetal trauma and birth trauma, medication given at birth, EMF and mold exposure, infections with Borrelia, mycoplasma, C.pneumoniae, XMRV, HHV-6 and other microbes, the role of poor dental occlusion will be discussed - always accompanied by demonstrations and with a focus on the often simple solutions. 

Saturday 2.30 - 6.30pm

Demonstrations and hands-on practice session.

Saturday night special evening lecture 8-10 pm

Mercury's Affect on the Mind:  Western vs. Holistic Understanding and Approach.  (By Michael Gurevich MD)

Mercury has a profound influence on the function of the human body particularly affecting the nervous system and the brain. Western medicine ignores chronic mercury toxicity which in fact is one of the key causes of psychiatric illness. How to accurately diagnose and treat chronic mercury toxicity is a controversial subject. We will discuss the value of a variety of tests, including energetic forms of testing along with chelation therapy as part of a comprehensive approach in treating psychiatric conditions.


Day 3:  Sunday:   9 - 1pm

Healing the brain: how to utilize ART and related insights to regain and improve brain health. How to we protect our brains from the onslaught of constant insults? How is our brain health and what can we do about it? In this section we will explore the available science, personal observations and experience of mitigating the biological effects of EM exposures and heavy metal toxicity, the presence of microscopic parasites, Babesia, Bartonella and other unwanted guests in our brain. The brief talks will be spiced with demonstrations and the gift of effective, safe and often magical treatment protocols.

How to stop the brain from perpetuating the illness: tricks and insights to change the brain quickly and lastingly.

Precondition for ART III: bring your test kits and testing materials and an open mind, flexible brain and casual clothing! Also bring your own relevant lab work and imaging studies


This is an advanced workshop and is limited to those who have attended and

mastered ART I and ART II. If you would like to attend and have not been to a previous ART courses, please call Debbie Floyd at the Klinghardt Academy to certify registration.


As we update our referral list of qualified ART practitioners for the website, www.klinghardtacademy.com, we invite those interested to send your information to Debbie Floyd via email, debbie@klinghardtacademy.com. We would be pleased to be a referral resource to support our qualified practitioners. 

We apologize if you receive this information more than once initially as we are developing a new mailing list and setting up our new web storefront.  Please communicate updates of contact information, product requests or your desire to unsubscribe to our contact list. Thank you for your patience and support.

We look forward to seeing you in NYC!

Warmest regards,

Dietrich and Debbie

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