Dr Klinghardt on Autism
I have treated numerous cases of children and adults diagnosed with conditions on the autistic spectrum successfully in both Europe and North America. I have read the very practical information provided by www.DefeatAutismYesterday.org (Dana Gorman) and written material from the “Autism Research Institute” tel: 619-281-7165. I have studied a number of scientific papers on the subject, and have carefully listened to my patients and gained much knowledge from my own diagnostic technique, Autonomic Response Testing ...

... My insights are best represented in a more scientific way by the recent paper (Oct 2005) published by Joachim Mutter MD, PhD who has collaborated with me for many years and works at my Alma Mater in Freiburg, Germany (Joachim Mutter: Mercury and Autism: Accelerating Evidence. Neuroendocrinol Lett 2005; 26 (5): 439-446, Institute for Environmental Medicine and Hospital Epidemiology, University Hospital Freiburg, Germany. E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it ).
I recommend that every parent learn to use autonomic response testing as a tool that will help in the difficult daily decision making process. It has helped to guide researchers worldwide to look in the right direction. I do believe that the currently recommended lab testing for biochemical markers is mostly only available to a wealthy elite, and is misguided in that it looks at the outcome of a toxic insult, not at the cause. There is still no reliable in-vivo test that can determine the body burden of mercury or any other toxin."

Dr Dietrich Klinghardt MD PhD

Dr. Klinghardt is a licensed physician who practises in Europe and the United States.  Please bear in mind that some of his protocols are not applicable to be used in the United States.

Autism:  Made in the USA

The Three Causes of Autism

This audio is an excerpt of a recording by Dr Joe Mercola in the Autumn of 2008.  In it Dr Klinghartd explains the research and findings that have led him to the three interconnected and fundamental causes of autism. 

He also explains what must be done to resolve these and how he is successfully treating autistic children in his care, and even acting during pregnancy to dramatically lessen the influences that may lead to developmental abnormalities in the child before he or she is born.

Electro-Smog & Microbial Bio-Toxins as a Cause of Autism

In this section of the audio, Dr Klinghardt clarifies exactly how and why he is certain about eletro-smog's involvement in neuro-developmental disorders including but not limited to Autism.

Not only do electric and magnetic fields disturb normal neurological development, but studies in Europe clearly demonstrate molds increase their outpouring of bio-toxins over 600 times in the presence of ambient electro-smog.

Treatment Protocol for Autistic Spectrum Disorders

In August 2006 Dr Klinghardt presented a seminar to health professionals and the parents of autistic children. 

At this seminar, Dr Klinghardt presented extensive literature and clarified the procedures of his autism treatment protocol.  This included over 150 detailed PowerPoint slides.  We have made the first 36 of these freely available to you here.

Klinghardt: The 7 Perpetuating Factors of Autism - Part 1
Interview with Patricia Lemer: After the Diagnosis...
Klinghardt: The 7 Perpetuating Factors of Autism - Part 2
Interview with Patricia Lemer: After the Diagnosis...
Klinghardt: Live Autism Seminar Audio Recording Sample
"I am addressing you here with the basic truth that autism is to a large extent a healable illness.  It is not a permanent wrecking of the brain it is a temporary wrecking of the brain with a large, incredible potential of recovery..."

In this audio, Dr Klinghardt reveals:

  • The primary mechanism of mercury toxicity is the destruction of tubulin.  This is the photon communication network of your physiology.
  • Methylation  - 15% of population has methylation deficit.  This goes up with vaccination to 54%.  The genetic defects are induced by vaccination.  This is a man made problem.  Once the deficit is induced, it is carried on for 4 generations, even if the genetic glytch is fixed.
  • The relevance of the Apolipoprotein E (APOE). genetic profiling and the importance of cystein.
  • Genetic mutations are reversible.  Heel Ubichinum can correct the Acetylation genetic deficit.
  • SOD is also easy to fix with homeopathy.  Glutathione requires other measures.