Chlorella Vulgaris - Medicinal Food
by Dr. Frank Liebke

Preface and important background information

C.V. stands for Chlorella Vulgaris; Protect: represents one of the
important health effects of chlorella namely the protection of the
human body from pollutants (e.g. heavy metals, dioxin, PCBs etc.) and
other harmful substances such as various bacteria and viruses. Please always bear in mind that as a result of the evolutionary process, mankind's digestive system has adapted very well to food from animal and vegetable sources (with its single component of eukaryotic cells).

In addition to the "body-friendly" bacteria such as lactobacillus and acidophilus, other members of the primitive prokaryotic family (bacteria, viruses etc.) are understood only as harmful invaders which need to be warded off by the immune system and may cause over-stimulation or suppression.

Chlorella supports the immune system in numerous ways and helps to protect the body.
  • Chlorella is a true plant and a real food.
  • In a time of constantly decreasing biological values regarding our daily food (fewer minerals, vitamins etc.) and increasing overall stress to many people from pollution, Chlorella may serve as a functional food in the best sense of Hippocrates: "Let your food be your medicine; let your medicine be your food".
  • Chlorella is a green spherical single celled freshwater micro-algae (smaller than a human red blood cell) and has been on earth for over 2.5 billion years since the Pre-Cambrian Period.
  • Due to its small size, Chlorella has been continuously forced to create effective mechanisms in order to survive in an environment often extremely hostile to life. Climate upheavals, bacteria, viruses, fungus and any kind of pollution (e.g. high concentrations of heavy metals) are some examples of the "training conditions" for an absolutely outstanding survivor - Chlorella ("a creature of earth, wind and fire").
  • Its survival to modern times is a tribute to its hardiness, rapid DNA repair without age and also to its strong defensive system against oxidative damage or destruction resulting not only from foreign invaders like bacteria and viruses, but also toxic substances such as heavy metals. Some of these abilities are more or less directly attributable to a unique combination of certain substances named "Chlorella Vulgaris Extract" (C.V.E.).
  • As you will see, all these characteristics are of great importance to Chlorella's protective and healing effects on Man.
  • The name Chlorella derives from chlorophyll and two Latin words meaning "leaf" and "small".
  • In order to feed its high-energy requirement, Chlorella possesses chlorophyll for the purpose of photosynthesis. Chlorella is the richest known natural source of chlorophyll.
  • It is estimated that more than 7 million people in Japan consume Chlorella daily and proves it to be a highly potent nutritional "all-in-one-formula" whole food for a steadily increasing number of satisfied customers.

Chlorella's composition

  •  Approximately 60% protein including 19 amino acids and all eight amino acids considered to be essential for man
  • More than 20 bio-available vitamins and minerals, especially rich in beta-carotene and vitamin B12 (the plant source of B12). Beta-carotene is very easily converted into vitamin A with this being dependent upon the needs of the body. Beta-carotene also acts as a powerful antioxidant without having been converted into vitamin A.
  • Highest known source of RNA/DNA Nucleic acids (see C.V.E.)
  • Rich in unsaturated fatty acids (around 80% of its total fatty acids content)
  • Highest known source of chlorophyll (5 to 10 times greater than any other plant). In modern times dioxin has become a universal poison. Chlorophyll derived from chlorella (and Chlorella itself) inhibits dioxin absorption emanating from the gastrointestinal tract and accelerates dioxin excretion. It also plays a significant role in cancer prevention, e.g. environmentally induced. Chlorophyll possesses wound healing and tissue regeneration properties and acts like a natural antibiotic. It also helps to control bad breath and odour from incontinent patients or those with colostomies. Chlorophyll can reduce hypertension and strengthen the hearts of patients suffering from cardiac insufficiency. This is one of the reasons why people taking Chlorella often feel more energetic.
  • As with every non-genetically manipulated vegetable which has been cultivated outdoors, each single value of Chlorella's composition varies from season to season by an average of 10% and more. 

Numerous other different substances and components produced by Chlorella - a few being unique - have been identified:

  • Over 50 immunostimulatory polysaccharide with antitumor, antiviral, antifungal and antibiotic functions
  • "Chlorellan" is unique in acting as a gentle natural antibiotic devoid of negative side effects to the body-friendly bacteria of human beings
  • "Sporopollenin" a carotenoid polymer of limited occurrence amongst plants; part of the strong cell wall of Chlorella, but only of the strain Pyrenoidosa (not Vulgaris), which accelerates the detoxification of different toxic chemicals/pollutants
  • With the help of self produced Glutathione (GSH) Chlorella protects itself against oxygen toxicity through destruction of thiol-reactive oxygen by-products during the process of photosynthesis. GSH may also be of help fighting against bacteria, as many bacteria do not produce GSH to protect itself. GSH is the main enzyme for detoxification in human beings.
  • Phytosterols isolated from Chlorella showed anti-inflammatory and anti-tumour properties.
  • Water-soluble Glycoproteins from Chlorella are potent biological response modifiers and increase host-defence against different harmful bacteria and virus infections in normal and immune compromised hosts.
  • Xanthophyll (also known as lutein) has a yellowish colour and is the dominant carotenoid that protects our eyes. Xanthophyll is especially concentrated in the macula, our true centre of sight at the back of the retina. It does, for example, absorb the damaging blue rays from the light spectrum. Xanthophyll serves Chlorella and us in the same way. No plant has a higher content of xanthophylls with even carrots having a lower level. Due to its high content of beta-carotene and cartenoids Chlorella should normally display a colour between yellow, red and orange. But its unique high level of chlorophyll is responsible for its typical deep green colour which covers all other bioactive pigments.
  • C.V.E. (Chlorella Vulgaris Extract) is an absolutely unique hot water extract of Chlorella. Even today, the full "make-up" hasn't yet been identified but the variety of substances already known proves C.V.E. to be the most important component of Chlorella. C.V.E. is the number one focus of attention to many US and Japanese Chlorella scientists. They work hard to discover the secret of C.V.E. and have found a combination of different substances including amino peptides (like glutathione), acidic glycoproteins, galactose-rich carbohydrate and nucleic acids. The C.V.E. content of raw Chlorella Vulgaris being approx. 3-5%. The hot water extract of Chlorella was named "Growth Factor" because it gives Chlorella its genetic power to quadruple in less than 24 hours. On the other hand, the stimulation of faster and healthier growth amongst young animals and young children shows that this growth boosting effect isn't limited to Chlorella. In adults you won't see any growth stimulation, but however, an acceleration of tissue repair and cell regeneration. Please note that C.V.E. never stimulates pathological growth as for example cancer, but displays anti-tumour and anti-metastasis properties.  C.V.E.  is the ideal partner for Chlorella in order to achieve the kind of powerful synergistic effect you normally wouldn't get with C.V.E. or Chlorella alone.

During some environmental disasters (e.g. cadmium poisoning "itai-itai" in Japan 30 years ago), Chlorella proved its powers of detoxification very impressively. Research projects carried out mainly in the US and Japan have shown the detoxification properties of Chlorella with relation, for example, to dioxin, PCB, lead, uranium, cadmium, mercury, pesticides and insecticides. Although many questions concerning the detox capabilities of Chlorella still remain unclear and as yet, no double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomised clinical trial has been carried out to prove detoxification in humans, many years' positive experience of numerous physicians worldwide already show that Chlorella truly works as a natural vegetarian food for the detoxification of so many patients. In his intention to help chronically contaminated people, Dr. D. Klinghardt, PhD, M.D.(USA) was the pioneer in the field of creating a gentle but powerful detoxification treatment. He started around 1985 and since that time his detox protocol is much changed; but with one exception - Chlorella still remains at the top of the protocol as an absolutely essential tool. Dr. F. Liebke (Germany), who like Dr. Klinghardt is a specialist in detoxification, has more than ten years of experience in detoxification using Chlorella. His work confirms the incredible results Dr. Klinghardt has experienced with his treatment protocol.

  • Chlorella's remarkable detoxifying capacity relates to the body's natural toxic by-products as well as environmental toxins, such as heavy metals and pesticides.
  • It's very important to know that once a toxin has bound to Chlorella it won't take off any more, under no circumstances. Every time Chlorella chelates toxins in the intestinal tract, the Chlorella/toxin-complex leaves the body unbroken by way of the faeces.
  • For detoxification purposes, it is recommended to take Chlorella on an empty stomach
  • Generally there are two different strains of Chlorella available on the market: Ch. Pyrenoidosa and Ch. Vulgaris. They certainly differ in a few details of fact, but to cut a long story short, the main points are: Only Ch. Pyrenoidosa possesses Sporopollein and normally has a higher content of B12. Ch. Vulgaris balances this disadvantage having a slightly better digestibility (softer cell wall) and on average, a higher chlorophyll and C.V.E. content.

Product outline of VitaGreen's C.V. Protect

  • VitaGreen-direct! was founded in 1994 and has become a major wholesaler for Chlorella products.
  • VitaGreen-direct! knows nearly all of the world's leading manufactures of Chlorella. The decision of buying depends only upon the quality. No contracts or minimum order amount constricts VitaGreen's freedom of choice.
  • VitaGreen-direct! always looks for the best quality. One of our most reliable partners is the owner of the biggest farms in Asia and is resident in Taiwan with others in Japan and China. They are ISO 9002 and UKAS certified.
  • Following quality requirements must be fulfilled to admit and to keep to the product family of VitaGreen-direct! (applying to both Chlorella strains Pyrenoidosa and Vulgaris):

o    The complete Chlorella manufacturing process has to be strictly monitored by hygiene specialists and microbiologists. The quality control must include:
o    Independent tests carried out on a regular basis.
o    The identification and selection of superior strains as the first step of indoor cultivation.
o    Taking care to ensure the best possible conditions for outdoor cultivation in special outdoor pools (in a controlled environment this of course much safer than a natural lake) having mineral-rich water, which is absolutely fresh, strong sunlight and the cleanest of air.
o    Using a special filter system (cost intensive) instead of chemicals (cheap) for separating the Chlorella cells from the carrier water and other co-existent organisms.
o    Ensuring the purity and freshness.
o    Final vacuumed sterilization to ensure the very best of both purity and solidity with no irradiation.
o    For optimum digestibility a special procedure is needed to break down the hard wall of the Chlorella cell and is accomplished by either spray drying or disruption by the Dyno-mill process. Both methods result in the same digestibility rate of 75-85%. There is no reason to favour the milling. It is merely done for commercial purposes! We favour the new "Ultra-jet-sprayed dried process" of our vulgaris strain that ensures maximum digestibility and availability of its nutrients. Nevertheless to carry on with picking the pyrenoidosa strain is always a wise choice.
o    Before Chlorella is packed for delivery it undergoes a chemical component and microbe analysis.
Many people are already used to taking Chlorella for preventative reasons and to balance their daily diet in a healthy way. They also seek constant protection against environmental pollutants (e.g. industrial smoke, tobacco smoke, car exhaust fumes, ozone, X-rays etc.) or polluted food etc. For medical purposes, a diet based on Chlorella has proven to be of great benefit.

As nowadays virtually every chronic disease is strongly suspected to be attributable to an absorption of excess environmental toxins, a Chlorella based diet is always a good choice for patients suffering from any kind of chronic illness.

Currently, a clinical trial designed as a double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomised study has shown convincing results from the use of Chlorella in the treatment of fibromyalgia (in the US often called "toxic metal syndrome"), hypertension and ulcerative colitis, however in connection with an extra regularly take of C.V.E.
In Japan, Chlorella is called the "Great regulator" because of its ability to normalize pathological body functions. For example, it doesn't matter as to whether the blood pressure malfunction is hypo- or hypertension. 

Recommended daily dosage for general prevention and protection:
  • 1g-2g to be taken 2-3 times a day with meals and a minimum of one glass of water.
Recommended dosage for specific symptoms and for detoxification purposes (we strongly advise previous consultation with a physician!):
  • A gradual increase to 6g - 12g  per day (or even more) as divided up doses with a minimum two glasses of water each time (preferably on an empty stomach).
Because Chlorella is a freshwater algae, it has no significant iodine content, therefore people with a dysfunction of the thyroid may take Chlorella without any restrictions.
For optimum results, Chlorella should be taken continuously over a period of several months.
Because Chlorella is a food, it can be taken with medications and on an empty stomach .

Important: To avoid any kind of (very rare/seldom!) initial reactions such as irregular bowel movement (including intestinal gas and bloating), nausea, slight fever, rashes or eczema, we recommend to begin slowly with one tablet 2-3 times a day. The intestinal reactions especially often indicate a need for cleansing but most of these symptoms usually clear up within a few days (1-2 weeks at the longest). Mostly, they are general signs of the healing process.
Allergic reactions are possible (though also very rare) and if suspected, administration must be halted. One may start again at a reduced dose several days later.

Chlorella is a safe functional food

In 2001 Dr. R. E. Merchant, professor of anatomy and neurosurgery at the Medical College of Virginia, stated in his study (quoted under1): "No toxic effects have ever been observed in laboratory animals or humans who have consumed Chlorella, regardless of whether the cell wall was intact or broken."