Latest DVD sets of Dr Klinghardts work

The Fundamental Teachings of Dr Klinghardt (set of 5 dvds) covering:

  1. The Five Levels of Healing & the Seven Factors
  2. Autonomic Response Testing and Demonstration
  3. Heavy Metal Toxicity and Neurotoxin Elimination / Electrosmog
  4. Lyme Disease and Chronic INfections
  5. Psycho-Emotional Issues in Chronic Illness: Addressing Underlying Causes
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Autism: A Roadmap to Recovery - September 2009

This 7 disc set is the most recent material on Autism produced by Dr Klinghardt.  It is the full 2 day seminar given in London in September 2009 and is an absolute must for all parents and practitioners working with Autistic children.  It includes sections on HPU, Lyme Disease, Electromagnetic Radiation, Energy Medicine.  Also includes Dr Klinghardt's brand new consolidated Autism Programme:  Foundational Protocol for Autistic Spectrum Disorders and a kive Autism Case Consultation.
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Autism 2008: A Solution-Oriented Workshop or Parents, Caregivers and Practitioners DVD

Autism 2008 Conference: A Solution-Oriented Workshop or Parents, Caregivers and Practitioners, Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, Ph.D. and guest speakers. August 8-10, 2008. The science of the causative factors of ASD: genes, the environment, the gene-environment interation, toxins and diagnosis, solutions, the Lyme-autism connection, infections: physical exam and physical finds, bioenergetic testing, solutions, non-pharmaceutical alternatives, energy medicine applications. The smart use of physics in the treatment of autism, homeopathy and structured water, BT toxin, mirror neurons, toxins and neurotransmitters, gut microflora, our philosophical position, the biomedical approach made simple. walk through what is important, how to do it, resources and websites.
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DVD and Manual from the Chemical and Heavy Metal Toxicity 2009, Feb. 27-March 1, 2009

Dietrich Klinghardt MD PhD was one of the first practitioners in the US to include aggressive detoxification in his medical treatment strategies. Today many studies point in the same direction: chemical and heavy metal toxicity is at the core of many medical issues (cancer, neurological illnesses, fatigue, MS and others). Dr. Klinghardt has pioneered many diagnostic and detoxification strategies and is considered one of the worldwide leading authorities in this rapidly advancing field.
In this DVD you will hear about the solutions: What are the relevant diagnostic tests and strategies available to measure the body burden of chemicals and metals? Which detoxification strategies are safe, effective, reliable and affordable? What can we do to change and improve the future of our lives as we hope to live it? Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PH.D. and 15 speakers who are all experts in their fields. Join us to make a difference and learn to employ safe detoxification protocols for yourself, your family and your patients.
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