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The Neurophysiology of Light, The Five Pathways Print E-mail
Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD

Journal of Optometric Phototherapy, March 2003, pg.35-40

Translated from Dr. Klinghardt's book -
"Lehrbuch der Psycho-Kinesiologie- ein neuer Weg in der psychosomatischen Medizin",
Verlag Hermann Bauer, Freiburg, Germany 1995

During the 19th century the American surgeon, Dr. E. Babbitt, M.D., proved that treatment with colored light could achieve very significant healing results through its effect on the human energy field, the light receptive autonomic nerve fibers in the skin and via the nerves that connect the eye directly with the limbic system.[1]
Color Therapy Print E-mail

color_therapy.jpg In the German speaking countries of Europe, color therapy through the eyes has become very popular in recent years amongst alternative health practitioners and in spite of its American birthplace is more strongly represented at alternative medical meetings in Europe than it is here in the US at this time. Three events were most instrumental to this rise in interest:

  1. The publication and success of Dr.Klinghardt’s German textbook on holistic healing (see below)
  2. The inspired teaching of Steven Vasquez PhD, in Europe (originally facilitated by Dietrich’s book and efforts)
  3. The Photon Wave color-instrument which was originally conceived by John Searfoss OD and is being manufactured under guidance of color therapist Leona Vermeire in Belgium

To read two chapters from the English translation of Dietrich's book, read this article...

Neural Therapy with Bee-Venom Print E-mail
Neural Therapy with Bee-Venom
by Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, M.D., PhD

Neural Therapy (NT) is a treatment of dysfunction(s) within the autonomic nervous system (ANS). NT was developed in Germany in the early part of this century by two physicians, Walter and Ferdinand Huneke. Historically it involves the injection of scars, glands, trigger points, acupuncture points, vascular structures, ligaments and autonomic ganglia with procaine.

Klinghardt Lecture: Neural Therapy and the Brain Print E-mail
by Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, M.D., PhD

Lecture presented at the American Academy of Neural Therapy:

Neural Therapy C: Treating the Brain Seattle, December 1998


Neural Therapy (NT) can be successfully used in the treatment of brain disorders. It is important however to understand the place of NT in the spectrum of other available treatments. The basic assumption of NT philosophy is the 4-component theory of chronic illness (NTA coursebook): each illness has four distinct components, which need to be addressed separately in treatment.


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