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                                     There are Doctors, There are Healers
                             and Then There is Dietrich Klinghardt. M.D. PhD

If you were to tell me your story of going from one doctor to another, the time and money it cost you searching for someone to trust with yours or your loved one’s health, you might notice that I gradually lose interest.

Some years ago I saw a very appropriate and true caricature of exactly how impersonal the doctor- patient relationship has become. The patient is ready for his exam, shirt off and there is a bar code on his back. The patient says to the doctor: “I’m worried that health care has become too impersonal, Doc.” And the doctor’s response is:
“Oh! Nonsense… Just relax and lie back on the barcode scanner.”

Your best bet in finding the right practitioner is to understand that the process resembles very closely online dating. I am not an expert on the later but I succeed “catchin’ one and keepin’ him”.

So catching the big fish does require some fishing skills. That would include your common sense, deadly determination, your level of medical education so you can discriminate if one is better then the other, lucky charm and irresistible bait.

Our son was diagnosed with Autism 6 years ago. I will not offer any further details on that because it is mine and yours and theirs story. We know that part. The difference is that he is now healthy, present, self sufficient, excellent student – basically as good and as bad as any neurotypical kid.

Upon diagnosis we saw this doctor. And that doctor, and whomever he/she/they recommended. We jumped on “the Merry – Go – Round of Medical Soup for the Fool”, paying three figures per ride. Yahoo–o-o!

We felt good about ourselves thinking that mortgage after mortgage is a proof of how much we care for our kid- indeed we buy the best there is, he must improve , wont he?

 Well, he didn’t. We started asking why we don’t see the progress we expect, after all- we did as we are told. And that transferred us from the pretty ponies’ rides directly into the dark swamplands of medical incompetence and the profit driven health care. And the little spider (of hope) was washed down the spout again.

We were furious! Seems that no one could answer our questions. They doctors were we seeing did not know what to expect of the treatment they prescribed or explain why they prescribed it .

Skeptical and suspicious we followed yet another lead to the office of Dr. Shelton. Our fraud antennas we shiny and sharp as Mohawk spikes. I would say that by then we have turned to the medical myth busters and had no hope of “stumbling over the right one”. But this doctor sat for an hour with us, answer every question we asked and the questions to the answer of the previous question. He learned our names, our family history, our heart desire and we sat there bubbling away- finally.

 Within 3 months with our family doctor our kid improved significantly but we reached the autistic status quo. “That’s it? He can go even further, can’t he?”. “ Yes, he can but we need to get to Dr. Klinghardt.” Who?

Dr. Shelton told us his heartfelt opinion of Dr. Klinghardt. “ One of my mentors.. medical genius.. impossible to reach.” I begged him to try to contact Dr. Klinghardt and he/ we did try for 6 months with no avail. I finally persuaded Dr. Shelton to give me Dr.Klinghardt email address and started the blackmail.

 Yes, you read correct. Email after email. I wrote my story, feeling sheepish- this guy is seeing patients all day and offering health care to homeless people “ after work” hours, he has waiting list larger then the federal deficit, who am I to get his attention – I am not different than any other desperate person out there. My hopes to “ catch” him bleached with my typing.

Little that I knew, he did have a soft spot. CHIDLREN And because of the epidemic proportion and the severity of Autism Spectrum Disorders, especially our kids. And low and behold! I got a response from him.

Dr. Klinghardt did agree to come and speak to us- as I asked on behalf of the many.
In one day he covered every aspect of Autism, from cause to cure in a language that made sense to us. At the end ,we knew what is happening to our children, why and how to help them. We left with a clear and concise plan of action.

We got an appointment for 4 months later- and that is light speed. Our kid was so relaxed and comfortable with him. He did as the doctor wanted because he felt he can trust this doctor. With the patient now lying on the table, Dr. Klinghardt proceeded to conduct invisible orchestra, waving his hands here and there above his body. Every stroke was followed with medical diagnosis related to an organ or function. I sat stunned watching him in disbelief. I mean – this is it? But the more he “waved” the more shocked I was. We have done extensive testing – think in the 6 figures cost for our son. This guy not only confirmed what we knew from testing but also gave me much more detail explanation then any test we have done about my son’s present condition.

I had to ask: “ What are you doing?”

“ Autonomic Response Testing”

Later on, I attended a study course with him and learned his method of Autonomic Response Testing. One has to brush up a bit on his quantum physics skills though. Autonomic Response Testing has proven to be by far the most accurate testing money can not buy. Non invasive, not traumatizing, no horrible blood draws. No additional cost!

Dr.Klinghardt then wrote a program for us based on his findings. Besides couple of supplements, he recommended therapies that would be beneficial to our son and advice, such as “ shut down the electricity from your main switch at night. Get a life.”

 We were back to Phoenix and started his program. In six months our son was Autism free.
Let me write this again- in six months our son was Autism FREE.

Three months after our initial consul with Dr. Klinghardt he recommended a therapy. Ideally we should travel to Seattle for two weeks and do it there. “Two weeks in a hotel, the cost of the therapy and nothing else to mortgage…Wonderful -  I though - only if we can afford it.” I did not say that out loud. But he heard me:

“Look, - he said- I am traveling to Europe this month- you could come to Seattle and stay at my place.”
“What? Did he just say I could stay in his place?”
“Yes, you can stay at my place. Take care of your kid. He will be fine.”…

Our son is 8 years old now. He is a Klinghardt kid. Healthy and happy. Recently he told me that Dr. Klinghardt name is “ Clean – heart” if you think about it , mom, isn’t it?

“Yes, son. Indeed, that is his name and who he is”.

And so - there is doctors, there are healers and then there is Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt. M.D. PhD.


“Late in 1998, I committed to learning energy medicine in 1999. I was absolutely convinced that this was the direction that advanced forms of medicine were heading. I took a number of introductory courses such as Thought Field Therapy and Neuro Emotional Technique.

However, I really feel that they pale in comparison to the tools I acquired under Dr. Klinghardt's mentoring. I am convinced that he is one of the most brilliant and gifted medical pioneers of our times. He has that rare combination of simple brilliance, which allows him to take complicated subjects and digest them and repackage them to his students so they are simple and easy to understand.

He is a kind and gentle spirit and is authentically motivated to provide the most foundational treatments for patients to resolve their illness at the deepest level. It is a incredible pleasure to be in his presence and I consider it an enormous privilege and honor to call him a friend.

Dr. Klinghardt is also one of the leading experts in the world on mercury detoxification and he has developed many effective strategies for removing metals like mercury from the body. “


“Dr. Klinghardt is probably the foremost authority on the subject of heavy metals detoxification in the world”

Healing cancer

“I am convinced that he is one of the most brilliant and gifted medicalpioneers of our times.  I feel I have learned more at his seminar workshops on the treatment for chronic health issues than I have in the last ten years combined.

Dr Klinghardt is always searching for the truth of how to heal individuals at the deepest level.  His work is the most consistently effective in the shortest amount of time and at the most profound level.  The only techniques at this time that I believe are better are paryer and miraculous healing”



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