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Also referred to as the Heavy Metal Detox Test Kit, this kit contains 12 of the major neurotoxin elimination substances recommended by the Dr. Klinghardt, and one empty test vial.  Please click o

This Workbook offers a wide range of articles focused on the various usages of the algae in your nutrition. For the full table of contents please see the detailed products description.

The Educational Workbook on Amalgam Detox offers a wide range of detailed articles and transcripts written by detoxification experts. For full table of content please click on the image.

4. Advice for Parents-to-be, Pregnant Women, etc.
(Pre Pregnancy & Pregnancy/Articles)
...lso relates to mold and other allergies * Low sperm count: we could show that special preparations of chlorella pyreneidosa (I use only “Ka-Tox Chlorella” which is grown, cracked ...

5. Heavy Metals and Chronic Diseases
(Chronic Diseases/Articles)
...enicillamine, I.V.Vit.C, I.V.Glutathione, Pleo-Chelate, DL-Methionine (Redoxal), branched chain amino acids, Chlorella Pyreneidosa, Chitosan, activated charcoal, cilantro and yellow dock. Non biochemi...

6. The Dental Component
(Dental Health/Articles)
...The current N.T approach for detox: A regimen using segmental therapy, ganglion injections, DMPS, chlorella, cilantro and garlic will be discussed in detail. The injection techniques are o...

...hrough sulphur binding of these metals. It appears to act intra-as well as extracellularly. Chlorella pyreneidosa: the cell wall of this algae binds all toxic metals very strongly and...

by Dietrich Klinghardt PhD/MD A Few Words on Chronic Lyme Disease Chronic Lyme disease is a fast-spreading problem in the USA and worldwide. Classical Lyme disease is cause

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