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The Educational Workbook on Amalgam Detox offers a wide range of detailed articles and transcripts written by detoxification experts. For full table of content please click on the image.

Online Ticket for Autism: a roadmap to recovery A Practical Resource Oriented Workshop For Parents And Practitioners London - September 26th 27th & 28th 2009 Admission for 1 Pers

Concessionary Online Ticket for Autism: a roadmap to recovery A Practical Resource Oriented Workshop For Parents And Practitioners London - September 26th 27th & 28th 2009 Conces

This 7 disc set is the most recent material on Autism produced by Dr Klinghardt.  It is the full 2 day seminar given in London in September 2009 and is an absolute must for all parents and prac

Autism 2008 Conference: A Solution-Oriented Workshop or Parents, Caregivers and Practitioners, Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, Ph.D. and guest speakers. August 8-10, 2008. The science of the causative fact

6. Glyphosate: Rounding up the Facts
(Autism by Klinghardt/Articles)
Download Full Article (PPT)

7. Latest DVD sets of Dr Klinghardts work
(Extra Pages/Extra Pages)
...Issues in Chronic Illness: Addressing Underlying Causes Click Here from More Details   Autism: A Roadmap to Recovery - September 2009 This 7 disc set is the most recent materi...

8. Testimonials
(About Klinghardt Academy/Testimonials)
...inate if one is better then the other, lucky charm and irresistible bait. Our son was diagnosed with Autism 6 years ago. I will not offer any further details on that because it is mine and yours ...

9. Klinghardt: Listen to Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt
(Archived Pages/Archived Pages)
...cia Lemer: After the Diagnosis... Klinghardt: The 7 Perpetuating Factors of Autism - Part 1 Interview with Patricia Lemer: After the Diagnosis... ...

10. Welcome to the Klinghardt Academy
(Archived Pages/Archived Pages)
...for lyme 2010 Mercury and Environmental toxicity - October 2008 Autism and cell biology Autism and energy medicine A...

11. Products & Tools
(Archived Pages/Archived Pages) with easy set up, comfort and use, these are the preferred choice for treatment of lyme disease, autism and other chronic conditions for lifetime use. <---Click Image To Learn More. ...

12. Advice for Parents-to-be, Pregnant Women, etc.
(Pre Pregnancy & Pregnancy/Articles)
... the related illnesses. It is also clear from my clinical experience, that many children have developed autism, hyperactivity, and asthma or suffered severe brain damage within a few days of vacci...

13. Dr Klinghardt on Autism
(Autism by Klinghardt/Protocols)
...sfully in both Europe and North America. I have read the very practical information provided by (Dana Gorman) and written material from the “Autism Research Institu...

....C 25 gms, DMSO 25 ml (bad smell!) over 2-3 hours. Hyperbaric oxygen. Physical therapy!! Autism: in addition to the usual, test for the different vaccinations (Autonomic Response Test...

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