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PC Ecklonia Cava Extract - Super Antioxidant & Beyond Print E-mail
Ecklonia Cava Extract (ECE) is a standardized natural complex of unique marine molecules that originate from a specific species of brown algae (Ecklonia cava).

Table of Contents
I. Executive Summary
II. Introduction
III. PC- Ecklonia Cava Extract Origins & Structure
IV. PC- Ecklonia Cava Extract Health Benefits
1. Cardiovascular
2. Weight Management & Diabetes
3. Erectile Dysfunction
4. Neurological
5. Neuralgia & Arthritis
6. Fibromyalgia
7. Cancer
8. Allergy
V. Conclusion

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Use of Ozonides Print E-mail
Use of ozonides in the treatment of malignant disease .. basic principles and clinical results

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Rizol Information Sheet Print E-mail
Information Sheet for Formulae with Oxygen in the Form of Ozonides and Amaroids from Medicinal Plants

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Rizol Information Bacteria, Fungi and Parasites Print E-mail
The Fight Against Bacteria, Fungi and Parasites by Supporting the Oxidative System in the Human Organism

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Rizol Information and Reports Print E-mail
20 reports on use of the drug PARA-RIZOL at the practice of Dr. Martina Klein, specialist in internal medicine, Kulmbach, Germany.

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