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Flu Treatment Guidelines - 2013 Print E-mail
To prevent the flu, you may consider the flu vaccine (which is unlikely to
cover for the upcoming flu). 
Don't hesitate to ask us for the three biological alternatives:

· The homeopathic oral version of the vaccine

· The mesotherapy version (a small amount of the real vaccine is
injected directly into the lymphatic system). Only a fraction of the
amount is used that is typical for the "real" vaccination. According to
French research, the rise in antibody titer is nearly the same without
the toxic side effects from the preservatives.

• The standard intranasal flu vaccine

2. Biological prevention:

a) Core prevention treatment

· Wash your hands every time and as soon as you enter your house

(soap and water).
· Do not wear your street shoes inside your home!

· Take 2 capsules Freeze Dried Garlic after each meal during

the flu season *
· Take loads of Chlorella (30 minutes before eating, 3-4

times per day) *
· "Vitamin A emulsion forte" from Biotics: 5 drops/day (unless you are pregnant) *

· MediHerb Echinacea tincture 1-2 tsp/twice daily *

· Vitamin C (Pure Ascorbate): 2 grams 3 times/day *

· Take a good probiotic *

· Do Sauna therapy (Sunlighten Sauna) at least once/week

· Avoid stress and contact with large groups of people

• Don't fly (airplanes are certain ways to contract the illness)

b) Optional:

· Take Trifal (ayurvedic herbal cocktail): 2 caps twice daily *

· Olive leaf: liquid Phyto Caps from Gaia Herbs: 2 caps 2-3

· Gigartina (red algae): 2 caps twice daily (Nature's Pantry)

· Vitamin C given intravenously can be life saving in the most severe

flu cases. Buy i.v Vitamin C supplies now. It will be out very soon after the flu hits!
Per person in your household you will need 10 bottles Vitamin
C (25 grams), 10 vials Calcium Gluconate, 10 iv bottles (500
ml sterile water), iv tubing for 10 ivs and ten 23 gauge

If you can afford it: get a retreat place somewhere away from people
and wait out the worst there.

Treatment, when you do fall ill:

• Use the homeopathic "oscillococcinum' from Boiron with the first
sign you may be getting the flu. Oscillo is sold in most US health
food stores
· taking vitamin C every hour until bowel tolerance is reached

· dissolving freeze dried garlic in a glass of water and

drinking 2 capsules every hour is almost certainly curative after a
while (the allicin released this way is the most powerful natural antiviral)
· Use your iv supplies (find a nurse or other i.v competent person now!)

· Saunatherapy daily for 1 hour

· Raw vegetable and fruit diet

· For faster recovery: homeopathic eupatorium 12 X, 4 pellets 4 times

daily. Vitamin B complex and B12 injections i.m.

Please share this information with your family members and friends.

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Lyme can cause cardiomyopathy,
CHF, perimyocarditis,
cardiac arrhythmias,
AV block and other
conduction disturbances.
(Eur Heart J.1991 Aug;12 Suppl D:73

Fetal borrelia can cause fetal death, growth retardation, cardiac anomolies, hydrocephalus, blindness, neonatal resp. distress, SIDS and toxemic pregnancy. (Rheum Dis Clin North Am.1989 Nov;15(4):657-77)
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