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The Importance of Cellular Hydration Print E-mail
Proper cellular hydration is key to the delivery and utilisation of nutrients, the extraction and elimination of toxins and the proper function of every tissue in the body - particularly the brain.

Water’s main recognised functions are to:
• Dissolve and hold nutrients in suspension
• Transport nutrients to the cells
• Remove metabolic waste
• Remove environmental toxins
• Activate cellular energy

The combined works of Victor Schauberger, Masaru Emoto, Dr Batmanghelidj and Dr Wheeler amongst others demonstrate the mysterious complexities of what we glibly refer to as H2O.  Clearly there is a lot more to it than that, and it is now clear that fresh mountain spring water hydrates to a far more profound degree than filtered tap or bottled waters.

In 2003, the  Nobel Prize for Chemistry was awarded for the explanation of how ‘Aquaporins’ (the cells water channels) carry water, one molecule at a time through the cell membranes.

As recently as 2005, studies were conducted at Fenestra Laboratories, that demonstrated one water's ability to increase cellulary hydration way beyond that achieved by simply drinking copeous amounts of regular water.  This water is called Plato H2O in the UK and Europe and M-Water in the US.

In pactice, people, adding the potentised Plato H2O Core or Core M-Water to their drinking water report a sense of physical ease and mental clarity with initial increased urination over the first couple of weeks of drinking this water.  It is postulated that the increased is an accelerated detoxification and elimination.

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