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Advice for Parents-to-be, Pregnant Women, etc. Print E-mail

Advice for parents-to-be, pregnant women and their partners - and
those who take care of them

Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD Medina, WA 4/4/04

In a few weeks time I will be a father for the first time. I am well over fifty
and feel quite ready for the upcoming changes in my life - and the
responsibilities that come along with parenthood. Upon reflection, I realize
that there are advantages to being a ‘late’ father. I have learnt many lessons
during my 30 years of medical practice. Lessons to do with conceiving a
child, guiding a mother safely through pregnancy, the birth process itself and
the many obstacles and problems that face a newborn.

In this article I want to summarize my most important learnings, so that they
may be helpful to people who intend to have a child; those who are already
pregnant or those of you with young children.

Conception: in the last 50 years the sperm count and quality has
significantly dropped. Inability to conceive for both maternal and paternal
reasons is rapidly rising. I have helped many couples conceive by using my
own technique of biofeedback testing as an additional diagnostic tool –
autonomic response testing.

In Autonomic Response Testing the body is stressed or challenged with different stressors and the
response of the autonomic nervous system is observed. In general I use
muscle tone testing as biofeedback mechanism. The results are then
interpreted accordingly and generally lead non-invasively to an exact

Here is a brief list of common reasons of infertility that we found with Autonomic Response Testing
(and treatment of which lead to successful conception):

* Abdominal scar tissue (treated with neural therapy). Appendectomy and
hernia scars are worst – they often block the motility of the female tube,
decrease blood flow in the uterus and decrease sperm production and quality
in the male.

* Chlamydia Trachomatis:
commonly under-diagnosed, and one of the most
common reasons for not conceiving in the presence of normal hormonal
tests. Often the tubes are open, but their motility is impaired. Common lab
diagnosis is often false negative. After my diagnosis with Autonomic Response Testing, both
partners are commonly put on Doxycycline, starting the week before
planned conception and for 2 weeks beyond. It is hard to eradicate
Chlamydia as it can only be temporarily suppressed with antibiotic
treatment. Enderlein therapy succeeds but takes longer (Pleo Fort, Pleo Nig
and Utilin are the most important).s

* Sperm allergy: The male partner collects his sperm in a jar and we work to
establish whether or not there is an allergy using Autonomic Response Testing. Desensitization is
successfully performed with Mental Field Therapy. Others have reported
success with anti-allergic cough syrup or NAET. Longterm treatment with
Pleo Sancom leads to a decrease in allergic oversensitivity, which also
relates to mold and other allergies

* Low sperm count: we could show that special preparations of chlorella
pyreneidosa (I use only “Ka-Tox Chlorella” which is grown, cracked and
prepared in a different way then other products) and have dramatically and
successfully increased the sperm count in affected men.

* Toxicity: this is in my experience definitely the most common cause of
infertility in both sexes. A good detoxification program using NDF,
Chlorella, Phospholipids with EDTA, sauna therapy, lymphatic drainage and
Tim Ray’s biological terrain management are a must. Our comprehensive
protocol on toxicity and detoxification will be covered at our Seattle seminar
on July 30th - August 1st 2004. Removal of amalgam fillings and root filled
teeth may be required to conceive, especially for the mother. It is much
easier and safer to detoxify a mother before she becomes pregnant.
Other factors involve food allergies, unresolved emotional trauma, poor
dental occlusion and geopathic or biophysical stress.

Intrauterine problems:
Toxicity: during pregnancy and breastfeeding large quantities of toxins, up
to one third of the mothers total body burden, are passed on to the fetus.
Dental practices should warn mothers not to have mercury containing silver
amalgam fillings placed during pregnancy. We know that a filling outgases
50% of its high mercury content over the first seven years of its existence.
But, what about the mothers that have fillings?

Fillings should, ideally, come out before conception. If the mother is already
pregnant, the fillings can be safely removed, provided they are removed by
the few dentists that know how to do it correctly (trained by IAOMT). The
mother’s body uses the unborn baby as a garbage can. Nature always favors
the survival of the elders over the young ones. It is absolutely important and
correct to attempt to detoxify a mother during pregnancy rather then
accepting the risk of not detoxifying her. I use chlorella, NDF, electric foot
baths and other safe treatment protocols to pull toxins from the mother’s
blood without interfering with nutrient transport or uptake.

Nutrition: we know that the baby of a mother that has low folic acid levels
before pregnancy has a higher risk of being born with spina bifida or hare’s
lip. Adding folic acid to the diet after becoming pregnant may be too late. I
have all my female patients on 1-2mg of folic acid, since it also prevents
cervical dysplasia to a high degree.

We know that it is no longer safe eat fish, especially tuna and other fish
higher up on the food chain where contaminants are concentrated more then
a million times. Some fish oil producers (i.e. Nordic Naturals and Carlson’s)
use a proprietary process which removes mercury and other metals.
However, they do not necessarily remove PCBs and other chemicals. Good
fish oil is absolutely necessary for the child’s brain development. Studies
indicate that; if enough fish oil is consumed in the last trimester, the child is
more intelligent and has less chance of developing neurological disorders.
The mother benefits too, by having less of a chance of developing eclampsia
or preclampsia, less post partum depression and less complications during

In addition, a number of papers have shown a great reduction in pregnancy
related complications simply by taking a daily multivitamin. Both Italian and
German studies suggest strongly, that L-Carnitine (2 cap 3 times/day) make
a huge difference in outcome. Complications during pregnancy as well as
labor are greatly reduced. The child is often larger, healthier and more
intelligent later in life. A Finnish study on 169 children from the University
of Turku demonstrated how tooth decay in young children can be prevented:
if the mother chews streptococcus mutans killing xylitol chewing gum 3
times per day during the pregnancy and for one year afterwards, the child
has virtually no tooth decay until age 5 (as compared to a group that had
regular fluoride or chlorhexedine treatments).

WHO estimates that the world IQ has declined 10-15 % in the last 15 years
due to malnutrition. The study did not exclude tests taken in the US
population. Lack of vitamin A, Lithium, Iodine and Fish-oil are most
strongly linked to the decline.

Toxic building syndrome: many US homes are toxic. Most common is
electro-smog from cell phone towers (Microwave), poor electric wiring in
the home or nearby power lines. Cordless phones have emerged as a major
stressor in recent years. I often send one of my associates with appropriate
measuring tools to the homes of my patients who are either chronically ill,
have trouble conceiving and where a pregnant couple lives. Most patients
sleep in electrically stressed environments. It is often the cause of childhood
asthma, eczema, hyperactivity and other behavioral problems and the cause
of more severe illnesses in grown-ups.

For example; I recently examined a mother with brain cancer and found out
that she was sleeping in an electromagnetically contaminated environment.
She moved her bed and within 6 months and the cancer disappeared with no
following relapse. No other treatment was used. Four years later I received
the message that her 6 year old son had died of an identical brain cancer.
What we later found out was that the mother had put her two year old in the
same sleeping location that she had just moved from. Four years later this
child died. She thought electromagnetic stress would not hurt her child.
This issue is virtually absent at both conventional and alternative medical
seminars in this country. Often we advise to turn off the fuses for the
bedroom with excellent improvement s in health related parameters. My
patients are not allowed to have cordless phones in the home. They
broadcast a highly disturbing biological signal to anything ‘alive’ within a
large radius for 24 hours. This article does not allow space to discuss
geopathic stress, which is an independent potentially catastrophic

Other sources of stress in a home include outgasing from carpets, paintfumes
and from biotoxins found in mold. I send mold cultures to a lab for
evaluation and desensitize the patient using the Pleo fungal products which
work beautifully. Carpets have to leave the house unless they are non-toxic
(which is rare). Lately, several studies have shown that flame retardants
(PBDs and PBDEs) were found in most mothers’ breast milk. They retard
also the development of a fetus or a newborn child and are involved in the
causation of many neurological illnesses and cancer. PBDEs are found in all
upholstered furniture, some clothing and toys – required by law. The highest
levels are found within 6 months of new purchase. The flame retarding
effect is gone after 6 months, but the PBDEs stay in the tissues of a mother
and child forever. This is an issue relevant to every reader of this paper.

Cosmetics: Over the last 20 years, many publications have shown that
almost no cosmetic product is safe. The FDA poorly regulates this industry
and special interest has stopped the propagation of the critical literature. A
medical colleague of mine from Germany published a book on the cancer
causing effect of under-arm deodorants. He lost his medical license and his
house was burnt down. This was 1997, not 1937. In December a British
biologist from Redding, UK confirmed his findings: there is a huge link
between the use of parabens in deodorant sprays and the development of
breast cancer. I must stress that this is a much stronger link then the link
between HRT with estrogen and breast cancer.

I advise all my potential and de-facto mothers to avoid all cosmetics and
recommend non-toxic cosmetics that are supplied by a small company that I
work with. It is limited though. Remember, any toxin in a mother is found in
her baby at an even higher concentration. Incidentally, there are currently no
commercial laboratories where you can send in a mother’s breast milk to
assess the level of toxic and environmental toxins. Medical toxicology has to
be one of the most important diagnostic tools for us in order to save our

Sauna therapy is a great method to reduce the body burden of both chemicals
and cosmetic residues, but is not recommended during pregnancy.

Allergies: if a mother is sensitive or allergic to certain foods, but continues
to eat them during pregnancy, the child is four times more likely to develop
allergies in his/her life. Asthma, eczema, hay fever, hyperactivity (some
types), gluten and gliadin sensitivities with or without colitis are all part of
this symptom complex. For the mother to avoid those foods, fragrances and
skin contacts they need to be diagnosed first. Lately, blood tests are shown
to be quite unreliable (see Townsend letter/Allan Gaby). Clinically we have
excellent results with Autonomic Response Testing testing and, based on the results, we can diagnose
allergenic substances and advise the mother as to what to avoid. These
babies turn out to be quite different: they are born bearing a smile.

Neurosensory stimulation: Tomatis and many other researchers have
demonstrated that children can be made more intelligent later in life by
stimulating them appropriately in utero. Mozart Music, transabdominal light
stimulation (Dinshaw method), transabdominal touch, dancing and maternal
yoga have all been shown to contribute to a neurologically healthy baby. Our
unborn baby loves it when I play guitar and sing. It punches Johanna’s belly
from the inside in the correct rhythm. It also responds to my touch: when I
tap 3 times on the belly, baby taps back… 3 times.

Psychological Interventions: I use mental field therapy, a method
composed of many different disciplines of thought in energy psychology –
taught to physicians all over the world for over fifteen years. It involves
focusing the mind on related issues, such as, for example, painful images of
childbirth relayed by the client’s mother, traumatic sexual experiences.
Working with a mind focusing on these issues, we stabilize the client’s
energy field with a meditative technique and simultaneously tap those
acupuncture points which are related to the stressful memory. I found that
every cramp, every bout of nausea, excessive fatigue and a variety of other
pregnancy related symptoms disappear within minutes using this approach.
It may involve uncovering painful experiences from the past. Sometimes the
dysfunction is just in the energy field without any particular content attached
to it.

I have learned a lot from the perinatal psychologist David Chamberlain’s -
Babies Remember Birth. Chamberlain compiled the evidence, that the baby
is a conscious sentient being from the moment of conception. As adults we
are able to retrieve, in hypnotic trance, most memories of our earthly life
from the moment of conception onwards. Every pain, every emotional upset,
every wavering of a parent about the pregnancy is recorded in the mental
field (not the brain) and has an effect on the developing person from hereon.
Thoughts or attempts of abortion, the possible trauma of an amniocentesis,
illnesses of the mother during pregnancy, physiological problems such as
vitamin malnutrition are all having an impact on the developing fetus – so do
all the good things: the love, the intimacy between parents, the music that is
played to the baby through the abdominal wall of mother etc. The baby is
bathed in the energy field and mental field of its parents. The child starts out
with the life experiences of the parents already under his or her belt. While
pregnant both parents often unconsciously re-live their own pregnancy and
MFT quickly reveals, what happened while their parents were pregnant with

I was mildly depressed during Johanna’s first trimester and gained more
weight than she did. I was constantly hungry, especially for potatoes which I
usually avoid. Questioning my mother she revealed, that she was very
depressed during her first trimester: the war had just ended and she had lost
both her parents, her home, all her friends, most family members and all
possessions. She had worked as a Red Cross nurse in the last stages of
WWII and had seen horrendous things. I was absorbing the posttraumatic
stress of hers while she was pregnant with me.

In Johanna’s pregnancy with my own child those feelings were coming to
the surface asking to be dealt with. I did. My mother was also starving while
pregnant with me. All she had for several months were potatoes that my
father stole regularly form the American supply trains entering Berlin. I was
reliving those feelings and physiological states when Johanna was in the
same stages of pregnancy. I find this true during most pregnancies that I
supervise as a physician. The partners go through a variety of feelings and
states which are more often related to their own respective intra-uterine time
than to current time and space. We are designed that way.

Birth: there are many different ways and methods to give birth. There is the
Leboyer method of gentle birth, Lamaaze, the Brasilian method of squatting,
water births and the Caucasian method of lying on the back. In the US births
accompanied by midwifes have a greater safety record then hospital births.
In the hospital there is certainly an excess of epidural injections,
episiotomies, C-sections and other interventions, which are often not needed.
There is a connection between epidural injections at birth and drug addiction
of the child later in life. There is a connection between C-sections and
arthritis later in life. Every intervention has a down side and should be used

In terms of child mortality; the US has one of the worst statistics in the
Western world. We have decided to use a mid wife and doula. A doula
coaches the woman before the birth process about all the little details that
will come up during birth and afterward. What bed to buy? What car seat?
How to breast feed and what to expect? What position to give birth in? How
to relieve labor pain by body positioning, with essential oils or homeopathy?
I love the home birthing classes we are taking and our teacher and doula will
be present during our birth. We want our birth to be fun, and a ritual for all
of us to grow more mature and together. There will be no needles, bright
lights, loud sounds. We hope to welcome our child the way nature intended
the welcome delivery to be.

The newborn period: Once the baby is born, it needs to be handled gently.
No slapping, no panicky washing of the skin. Everything about birth is
natural and not a medical emergency. There are of course exceptions which
should be prepared for and kept in the back of ones mind. That is the job of
the midwife or obstetrician. Once the placenta is birthed the baby should rest
on mother’s stomach to bond. The role of the father should not be about
being a second mother. His role is to hold, nurture and protect the space.
Diapers should be chosen carefully. Plastic throw away diapers have been
shown to warm the testicles of a male baby contributing to male infertility
later in life.

The sleeping location of the baby is important. Most families co-sleep with
their newborns for the fist 6 to 12 months. The benefit of co-sleeping is not
just about the ease of nightly feeding, but also introduces the child’s
independence to our world slowly. The new born still has a feeling of being
part of the mother and does not yet have a strong sense of ‘self’.

Sudden infant death syndrome has been linked in a number of studies to a
strange phenomenon: polyurethane and other plastic uses of foam mattress
get soaked with sweat, urine and other bodily excretions. There is an
interaction of microbes, foam and bodily fluids which creates toxic gases:
thioethers, mercaptans, hydrogensulfide and others have been detected.
These gases are the same that were used in combat during WWI to paralyze
the opponents breathing mechanism. They do the same in a newborn,
especially when combined with the stress of recent immunizations. These
gases are heavier then air. Baby cribs – often with crib bumpers - that have a
wooden frame which extends higher then the mattress often create a bowl, in
which the gases sit and cannot flow over to the side. The alternatives are
mattresses made from cotton or natural rubbers, which do not create these

Vaccines: the vaccine issue has many layers. It is clear from an
epidemiological point of view, that the more people are vaccinated, the less
the spread of the related illnesses. It is also clear from my clinical
experience, that many children have developed autism, hyperactivity, and
asthma or suffered severe brain damage within a few days of vaccination.
Vaccines are good for the community, but potentially bad for the individual.
The immune system of a child takes 24 months to mature and is very
vulnerable during this time. Many vaccines still contain ethyl mercury, one
of the two most toxic mercurial compounds. By the time the child is 6 years
old, the accumulated amount of mercury from vaccines is clinically
significant. No one escapes this damage.

Today mercury free vaccine alternatives exist, but are not yet routinely used
– only by request. The pharmaceutical industry is using up its old supplies
first….The high risk to contract hepatitis B is either IV drug users or
prostitution. Hepatitis B vaccination is forced on newborn babies here in the
US, but is outlawed in France. How many newborns do you know that use
IV drugs with contaminated needles or engage in prostitution? I make my
recommendations to my patients along the above understandings. What I
will do with my own child is very clear to me but will stay private. I
recommend reading the work of Dr. Tenpenny or reading up on the vaccine
issue at:

Dental issues: great progress has been made in the prevention of dental
caries and furthering proper development of the facial structures and dental
arches. As already mentioned above, if a mother chews xylitol chewing gum
3 -5 times per day during pregnancy and for the first year of life, the child
has no tooth decay for 5 years and there is still a statistically significant
effect at age 10 – even if the child never chews the gum. Xylitol is a sugar
alcohol that inhibits the growth of streptococcus mutants, the caries bug.
Research in Japan showed, if pregnant mothers and their children eat 1-2
capsules chlorella growth factor (a heat extract of chlorella), the 20 children
in the experimental group did not develop any tooth decay for 5 years
(opposed to the control group who showed a significant amount of tooth
decay). The most startling finding in the study was; CGF children developed
beautifully developed facial structures and dental arches, predicting a lack of
facial pain, jaw problems, neck problems, headaches, hormonal problems
and more, later in life. In a Japanese study on dogs - perfect dental arches
also predicted better general health, a higher life expectancy, higher
intelligence, more pleasant behavioral characteristics and a non-scoliotic,
perfect spine.

Television: A few days ago a study for the first time showed a direct
connection between early television viewing and hyperactive behavior. Do
not use your television-set as a baby sitter. Have the child paint, sing, play
be interactive with its new and ever changing three-dimensional world.
Maybe you will find some valuable tips in this paper. It is knowledge we all
should have learnt at school. I am sure you know many more tips and tricks
and I would love to hear from you. I intend to collect papers, articles, ideas
and experiences and compile them in a book.

I would like to end this paper with a sentence from the book ‘Welcoming
Baby’ by S. Colleen Graham. “What tomorrow’s children are to be, will be
determined by what today’s parents-to-be choose to be.”

May we all acknowledge and honor our true responsibility as parents and
enjoy the light and joy our children bring to us.

Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD

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